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Self Analysis with Previous Spreadsheets

Deep analysis of our previous excel spreadsheets

Hello Friends, In our ongoing series of 7 Ways to make Use of Data to Brand Your Bussiness, Lets start with our 6th way to make use of Data… ie Self Analysis with Previous Spreadsheets. If you haven’t gone through our previous 5 Ways, you can click on the links Google Ads with AIGoogle Analytics Search bar, Google Data Studio, Rank Science & Data Science. Lets start with 6th way ie Self Analysis with Previous Spreadsheets.

Self Analysis… as the name suggest to Analyze our own work. Being an SEO Strategist, I would advise you to keep a regular check on your work. Whatever you are doing to improve your ranking or to improve the sale number or to generate leads… What are the stats?

Lets Learn with An Example If you are a Trainer, who use to conduct workshops and spend a handsome amount in Social Media Promotions like on Facebook & Instagram. Also, spending money on Google Ads, If you choose target audience and specify hour schedule to run your campaign, what number you attract?

What to Analyze in Spreadsheets or Excel Report?   

In the same example, if you have conducted 3 Workshops, draw a comparison amoung the three workshops. This comparison must be on Excel Table, comprising

  1. Workshop date & Day of the Week
  2. Was it a Holiday/gazetted holiday?
  3. When the promotion was started & Stopped?
  4. Which Area was Targeted?
  5. How many visitors arrived?
  6. Was it a Paid/Free Event?
  7. How many prospects were diasy on cost part?
  8. How many prospects denied because of some other seminar in the same city?
  9. Menu was an office/3 Star/4 Star or 5 Star?
  10. Was the follow up proper?

On the basis of these 10 Aspects, prepare an excel sheet & check the loopholes. For the 4th Workshop avoid spending money now. Do the organic campaign + Do the follow ups for those who were unable to turn up in previous 3 Workshops.

Check which area/region the people were showing interest in your workshop, Also the hobbies of those persons who filled the lead generation form in previous campaigns. And try to book a hotel in that region.

What we are doing Actually

We are self analyze. It will reduce the social media campaign cost. By analyzing our previous mistakes, loopholes or followups, we can run our 4th Workshop, with almost Zero Cost. Isn’t that Amazing?

Likewize, we can take example of other Social Media Campaigns. by accessing our previous facebook campaigns, we can dig out the problems & find a solution for the same.

VLookup, Concatinate, Pivot Table & comparison through Charts… If these 4 parameters, you know in Excel, you can use your previous data, to improve your sales.

Friends, that was all from my side regarding Self Analysis with Previous Spreadsheets. If you have any more points to add, please write in the comment section below. We will update. Please stay tuned for our upcoming blog on ‘Leveraging API through Data Sources‘.



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