Scope in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the future. We all must be agreed on this fact that there is a huge scope in Digital marketing. Brands are getting hyper active especially on advanced ways of promoting themselves and henceforth the advanced showcasing aptitudes are in a genuine interest enlarging its extension in the market space. Higher pay and numerous profession decisions are the striking focal points of having a socially advertising vocation. Aside from these, there is a wide extent of advanced showcasing as advancing and marketing business through social media is the quickest and solid method of promoting to target mass group of spectators.

The large growth in the number of Digital Marketing institutes across the country is proof enough for the enlarging possibilities in this field. This is a great for students seeking expert guidance to develop their Future in digital marketing

The scope in Digital Marketing in India

In recent times, the most sought-after career opportunity is digital marketing. Statistics show that digital marketing industry is booming worldwide – offering 8lakhs jobs in the very first half of 2017., India’s largest job portal announced and advertised for as many as 13000 job opportunities for digital marketing professionals through its portal in the first quarter of 2018.. So, internet marketing training proves highly rewarding for you during the hiring process.

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India has come up with the idea of digital India. And it acts as a promotional campaign for digital marketing which results into many more job opportunities for youth to a great extent.

4 Reasons to choose career in Digital Marketing

  1. Huge job opportunity
  2. Flexibility
  3. Higher Pay
  4. Certification

Huge job opportunity

In today’s time when job opportunities are shrinking digital marketing has produced over 8lakh job opportunities. Digital marketing is reliable, influential, user engaged and measurable. Digital marketing is the magic tool for brands and businesses. As more and more entities join the online bandwagon for a wider market-reach, the job opportunities in digital marketing are ever-growing. Unlike other sectors of employment, this arena is an all-season field. It’s too inviting to turn a blind eye, folks.


Digital marketing industry celebrates a very open culture. With skills and tools knowledge advancement, empiricism holds a big portion and that pushes you up for being the next level of the marketer. There is umpteen numbers of sub-branches within the digital marketing field such as SEO analyst, Social media marketing executive, online reputation management executive, digital marketing manager, PPC specialist and so on. And so is the remuneration package range.

Higher Pay

Digital marketing profession is one of the highest paid job profiles. Google says, the national average salary of the senior digital marketing manager is $95,455 and that in India is Rs 447, 356. Additionally, the average pay tends to defy the principle of gravitation – ever on the rise – by at least 35% YOY.


60% of professionals consider that certification led them to a new job. Hence it is ideal to join a digital marketing institute to get certified and grasp marketing tools and techniques of experts.



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