Onpage SEO

On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a Web page that can be optimized, in contrast to Off-page SEO where we can do backlinking, directory submission, pdf submission etc.” Onpage SEO is one time activity to improve your rankings in the search results While offpage is ongoing effort to do the same.

Onpage SEO is a part of Search Engine Optimization. Both Onpage and Offpage SEO are important for a company in order to improve ranking of website. In Onpage SEO, HTML source code is main part. Presence and visibility of a company depends on Onpage SEO of website.

Main parts of Onpage SEO:

  1. Title : The title describes your page. Maximum searches are made on title.
  2. Description: A well-written description can increase tha probability of visibility of your webpage on first page of Google.
  3. Keywords: Keywords are another most important thing if your are doing Onpage SEO. More and More relevant Keywords will improve you presence
  4. Meta tags: Meta tags provides information to search engine about your webpage. To achieve high rankings, meta tags should be relevant.
  5. Alt text: Renaming an image as per the title of the blog helps in ranking of the blog.
Onpage SEO

If your blog is unique and relevant to all these aspects like Title, Description, Keywords, Meta tags & Alt text, it will shoot up your blog’s ranking very fast. You webpage should contain answer to every question that a person is looking for. Once you start putting efforts in Onpage SEO, You will see that the ranking and presence of you webpage is increasing day by day.

For landing pages and some blogs, keep in mind that your users are not reading the entire page. They’re scanning and browsing quickly, looking for a section that answers their questions or provides value. As Google crawls your page, they’re looking to match user intent. Your content should clearly explain what product or service you’re offering, or the exact topic of your blog.

While you must maintain a user-friendly and authoritative tone, the focus keyword is still of vital importance. Like with your meta tags, you will either outline meta keywords for a product or service page that is targeting multiple queries, or a single focus keyword for blogs.

All of this is available in WordPress pages and posts. But why is targeting a keyword important? Using them correctly will directly affect the return on your digital marketing investment. The more you understand about keywords, the better you will strategize with your marketing.

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    July 24, 2019 Reply

    Really informative, thanks for sharing this!

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      July 26, 2019 Reply

      Thank you Reiko.

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