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Lead Generation Funnel No. 5 Google Trends

Lead Generation Funnel No. 5 Google Trends

Hello Friends, In our ongoing series of ‘6 Lead Generation funnels to Grow your Business’ Lets start with Lead Generation Funnel No. 5… That is…Google Trends. If you haven’t gone through with our first 4 Lead Generation Funnels, please check these 4 links: , Trends24 (Hashtag)UberSuggest & HelloBar with MailChimp

Thanks for the overwhelming response of our previous 2 Series, 10 SEO Tools you must have to optimize your Website & 7 Ways to make Use of Data to Brand Your Bussiness

Now, What is Google Trends & How, it can be a Lead Generation Funnel. Let’s Check it out.

For that I suggest you to please login to your gmail Account and now, open another page and search Google Trends or click on the link
Now, choose your country, where you want to see the latest trend on Google.

Trend of Holiday packages in india this yearLets take an Example Suppose my company sells Holiday Pakages and we reside in India. I will select India & in Search will write ‘Holiday packages’ & will see the result.

With these results, we can do SEO of our website as well by finding relevant trending keywords.

Also, we can see that (in the Pic) since July 30th, Trend of purchasing Holiday packages is increasing. So, its a good time to run a campaign for the same.

Places to travel in IndiaNow, we see that people are choosing these 5 Designations for holidays. Goa, Puducherry, Chandigarh, Maharastra & Delhi. Hence, we can create 5 Ads for these places and run Ads. Or we can create Blogs on these places eg Goa Tourism, Puducherry Tourism etc and promote in different groups.

And Now comes the best part: Related Topics & Related Queries. On this Keyword & Country selection, it is showing 17 Topics & 9 Queries. If we make blog/podcast based on these, And do Onpage SEO, it will solve the purpose. This will be very helpful in bringing traffic onto your website. 

Related Topics & Related QueriesOnce people start coming to your website, rest depends on your calibre how you utilize this data. 

On the similar grounds you can see your keywords & relevant topics & Queries. Try to bring consistency in creating blogs & Podcasts on these topics & circulate on maximum Social media accounts. It will be helful in driving traffic to your Website.

 That was all from my side regarding Google Trends. If you have any more points to add about Google Trends, please write in the comment section below. We will update. Please stay tuned for our upcoming blog on Keyword Planner.



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