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Lead Generation Funnel No. 3 UberSuggest

Lead Generation Funnel No. 3 UberSuggest

Hello Friends, In our ongoing series of ‘6 Lead Generation funnels to Grow your Business’ Lets start with Lead Generation Funnel No. 3… That is…UberSuggest. If you haven’t gone through with our first 2 Lead Generation Funnels, please check these 2 links: & Trends24 (Hashtag)

We have already discussed about UberSuggest as a free keyword tool. If you haven’t read it, please click on the link Ubersuggest for a brief intro. Now, How Ubersuggest can be a Lead Generation Funnel, Let’s Check it out.

Ubersuggest is a useful keyword research tool that uses Google autocomplete to produce good keyword ideas. … Although it’s free to use, Ubersuggest often does not suggest any keywords or shows inaccurate search Volumes due to backend Errors.

UbersuggestNeil Patel has given 4 tools which are very beneficial for SEO. These are SEO Analyzer, A/B Testing Calculator, Ubersuggest & Backlinks. Out of these 4, I like Ubersuggest the most. If I compare it with Ahrefs, Moz & SEMRush; they all are good as Keyword Research Tools However, one thing which makes it standing tall is IT IS FREE.


The Purpose of any Website… Is it only visibility online? No, how the customers will landup on your Products page and what content can grab prospect’s attention? Best way is to impromize ourself & to keep a check what our competitors are doing? How we can check that? The Answer is Ubersuggest.

Goto Ubersuggest landing Page and do these activities:

  1. Enter your Competitor’s domain and check. Make sure to select your country as by default, it selects English/United States.
  2. It will show your competitors Organic Keywords, Paid Keywords, Total Traffic & Paid Ad Cost. Its a very useful info as you are tracking the pain areas. Now, How you can make the benefit out of it.
  3. screenshot-neilpatel-keyord-ranking-factorList down all those keywords, which are making him a leader. Plus those keywords, where he is getting huge traffic.
  4. For that particular keyword, what he has done? If he has made some article on it. Where he has published them? 
  5. Make an excel and ask your SEO team to follow those steps.
  6. Now, Open your domain in Ubersuggest & Check Organic Keywords Number, Organic Monthly traffic, Domain Score & Backlinks.
  7. Also check where your website is popular. Is it in your native country or in other countries. If your visitors are in large number in US & your website is in India, Run Ad Campaign in US NOT in India.
  8. If on one blog/page, Visitors are high in number, and you sell Products, Put the displays of your product on that page.
  9. If any blog/page is coming on 2nd Page of Google, Ask your team to write another blog in context to that or update that blog so that it will start appearing on 1st page of google.  

These will drive traffic onto your website. More engagement means more chance to sell.

Friends, That was all from my side regarding Ubersuggest. Apart from this. if you want to add any new way of Lead Generation Funnel for growing your Business or if you wish to update any information about UberSuggest, please write in the comment section below. We will go through it and will update the list. We got appreciation and love from you all in our previous series 10 SEO Tools you must have to optimize your Website and 7 Ways to make Use of Data to Brand Your Business we anticipate the same response for our upcoming series. Stay tuned to our upcoming blog on ‘Hello Bar with Mail Chimp‘.



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