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Why every entrepreneur should do SEO for his Website?

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When you are a strartup entrepreneur, Businessman, you definitely need to look upon products, your delivery and most important, you need to see your PR, you need to establish your repo. If we talk about online; and you are willing to establish yourself, SEO can be your best friend who will help you in it. Through reviews, Social media presence and back-linking in known giants will surely help you in ranking your website.  

As an Entrepreneur, how can I measure my growth thru SEO?

Okay, Suppose I have started doing SEO for my site. Is there any parameter to judge the benefits or success ratio? I must say that follow this practice:

  • Do Onpage SEO to build Page authority.
  • Increase organic traffic.
  • Improve people engagement and expand your reach.

There are various ways to measure. I will not go in technicalities, I suggest you to please check these ways to measure SEO Results:

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Ranking
  • Conversion

1.   Traffic

Organic traffic allows you to measure a lot of things with the data of your website visitors through search engine results. A good SEO optimized website will be placed higher in the search result rankings. If you are on the first page of the search results, you’re on the right track. Strategically optimize the SEO of your website with the right & relevant content. If you are giving your best with consistent posting and it is also solving customer’s problem; you will definitely hook up with huge Online Traffic.

2.   Engagement

Engagement is measured by the time duration any visitor spends on your website. Your blogs should be interesting, spun in a way that one is directing to other within the site and also giving chance and prompting a visitor to put his comments or likes or can share the post on various Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, Instagram etc . This will reduce the bounce rate, the shares and the number of comments; all these signify your content.

3.   Ranking

The ranking of your content on search results will progressively display your growth and guide where improvement in SEO is required. Choose Keywords wisely and cast your post around these keywords. These keywords should be in trend, with good traffic & competition. If on certain keywords, you start targeting, your Ste ranking will also start improving. Alexa is a good tool, can be used to check Ranking of your website. Compare & Check it on weekly and monthly basis.

4.   Conversions

Conversions aren’t just about making sales. The term “conversion” technically refers to any action that you want your website visitor to perform, such as subscribing to your newsletter or downloading an ebook.

Benefits of SEO for a Businessman/ Entrepreneur/ A Startup

We live in a digital era where everyone wants to be on 1st page of Google. Think about any service/product, you enquired through Google and you went on the 2nd Page? It rarely or never happens.

As the business owner, as an Entrepreneur or as a Startup; you must consider digital marketing strategies, SEO specifically. Since its introduction into the business, it will increase your brand value, Traffic which leads into more customers and more sales. Below are a few benefits that a business startup will enjoy when they embrace SEO strategies:

  • People will start knowing about your Brand, it will increase the Brand Awareness and strengthen the Brand Reputation
  • Listing your website and your products on various platforms with good DA and PA will start bringing you up in the rankings. It will be Organic Reach.
  • Once you have started coming in Organic searches, you can be accessed thru any part of the world. That means your brand is seen globally.
  • With marking yourself on google listing site means doing Local SEO of your website, will improve your business reach in your Locality.
  • Coming on 1st page is necessary in order to stay ahead from your competitors.
  • If you want to do some paid promotion through Google Ads or facebook, you may get the proper insight like you can choose a particular area, a specific segment of people or can schedule your ad for specific timings etc. You may also get the forecast of how much amt I will spend, in how many days and estimated reach to how many persons.
  • Most importantly, it is cost-effective. If you look for traditional methods, you end up in spending lakhs of Rupees. However through SEO, with strategy, it may land up in 1/10th of your spending as compared to traditional way.

Organic SEO can be time-consuming but in a longer run, when your website starts coming in top 3-4 searches; its benefits are huge. We have already discussed about ‘Which SEO Techniques is the best for my Website‘.

Now, People may be thinking that I want to learn different types of SEO or techniques or the ways of doing SEO. But I don’t have time of spending months to learn SEO, Can I learn in lesser time?  

Answer is YES, you can learn SEO in one sitting. Complete SEO in one full day workshop which is happening on 25th August, 2019 (Sunday) in Bharat Continental Hotel, New Delhi India. This Session will be conducted by renowned SEO Strategist Sumit Sharma. Seats are Limited so we suggest you to book your seats now by clicking on the link BOOK MY SEAT



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