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UberSuggest : Free Keyword Tool

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UberSuggest : Free Keyword Tool

Hello Friends,

Thanks for showing your love for our 8 SEO Tools, we have discussed so far. In continuation to our series of 10 SEO Tools you must have to optimize your Website Today, we will discuss our 9th SEO Tool, Uber Suggest, a free Keyword Tool. For the previous 8 SEO Tools, you may goto our Blog Section.

Is there any way to keep a track on our competitors? why your competitors rank so high and any particular way, how you can outrank them? Yes, Its a free tool by Neil Patel: Ubersuggest.

Just type in your competitors email and keep a track of all the back links. Confused?? Let’s see How it works…

Step 1: Open the URL https://neilpatel.com/

Step 2: Enter the domain name of your competitors or the person, who is in the same niche. Suppose you are in Education Sector and you give coaching to IAS aspirants. Your competitor is ‘Vajirao Institute’. Enter this institute’s domain name in the field ‘Enter the Domain’ & make sure to set the Language ‘English/India’ & Click on ‘Search’.

Step 3: Domain URL will change and it will become https://app.neilpatel.com/en/traffic_analyzer/overview?lang=en&locId=2840&domain=vajiraoinstitute.com

Now, you can see an overview of the website with 4 major distinctions:

  • Organic Keywords (In our example, these are 1516).
  • Organic Monthly Traffic ( In our Test Case, these are 840).
  • Domain Score ( Our selected site has DA Score 42)
  • Backlinks ( In our case, total 1023 backlinks are there with 708 NoFollow Links).

We can also see the Month by Month Organic Visitors to our site from the graph as shown below:

We can also check SEO Keyword Ranking as how many keywords are ranked in top 3 positions and how many have attained positioned between 4 to 10. Similarly for 11-50 and 51-100, as shown below for Vajirao Institute:

Top SEO Pages:

Here we focus on 4 criteria’s:

  • Country-wise reach:  we can see that in which countries our Competitors Website is shown or we can say the targeted audience. In our chosen website, it’s primarily focusing on Indian Students, followed by its reach in US, GB and Canada (Please look into the Screen shot).
  • Top Searches on that particular Website: If you are checking a particular domain, which topmost 5 Pages are searched globally?
  • Estimated Visits on that particular page.
  • Backlinks for a specific page, which is seen.
  • Social Media: It’s a good practice to share the pages on different Social media like Facebook & Pintrest.

In our chosen website, we can see that its page weekend-bathes has 5 visits, 1 backlink & 50 facebook Likes.

SEO Keywords:

It shows the list of those keywords which are ranked higher for your competitor’s website. Reflecting estimated Volume, your envy’s position & estimated visits. Please look into the screen shot below for Vajirao IAS Academy.

And Now, my favorite Site Audit

It mainly shows how many pages it has crawled and how many critical Errors, Warnings & Recommendations. Here, you can enter your own website’s URL and audit your site self. You need to concentrate and remove these:

  1. Critical Errors
  2. Warnings
  3. Top SEO Issues.

It will show your Site’s speed on Desktop & Mobile both. Once you will cut down these Errors & Warnings, your Website speed will increase and by eliminating SEO Issues, your website’s ranking will improve.

Best thing is to check your Competitor’s Backlink (Its URL, Keyword, Source & Target). You can download the complete List onto your Desktop/Laptop. Goto that URL and create your Link as well. It will shoot your Website Ranking. That’s all from my side about Ubersuggest. If you have any questions or doubts, please write it into the Comment Box below. In our next Blog, we will discuss about 10th SEO Tool ie keywordtool.io If you have any questions about it and If you think any suggestions regarding Ubersuggest, please feel free to update in the comment section below or mail at replytow3developers@gmail.com


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