Social media Optimization or SMO is mainly of 2 Types : Organic Way & through Sponsored Ads. Lets discuss them one by one that What is Organic way to promte your Brand and what is the Paid method to sponsor your Ad thru Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest etc. 

Though there are many Social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pintrest, Reddit, Imgur, Medium etc and one must have Social media Profiling to as much accounts as he can. And one must do regular updates like sharing his/her blog on these social media with some consistency. 

It helps in People Engagement and also number of followers on your Social media Account. To know about complete list of Social Media Accounts who have decent PA and DA Score, please scroll till the end of this page and you will find the list.

Organic Way

Organic way is like you normally share your post with friends and family. Only difference is that you need to make a Business Account of your Facebook. Share only those things related to your genre. Keep posting on your page consistently. Do join some groups & Communities of your hobbies and interest and to your business. 
If you will start posting in these groups valuable information and to addon their knowledge, they will start subscribing you. Same principle applies to Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram everywhere. Through Business account, you can create Events and bring complete Shop from your Website onto Facebook. Now, customer need not to go onto your website and select the product and then doind Add to Cart… From Facebook Shop, he can directly goto Cart and pay.  

Sposored Ads

To increase number of Subscibers or followers Organically, its time consuming. However, if your Event is in a span of 3-4 days, its always better to go for Facebook Advertising. Here, you can schedule your budget as per your pocket. From 300/- to 30,000/-, its purely your choice. More the daily limit, more number of people will see your Ad & more chances to convert that query.
You can schedule your Ad as per your Area of Interest, Hobbies & your geographical reach. Not only this you have the privilege to run your ad in specific hours and you can select that frame for one week. It will be on auto-pilot mode.   

Befor running these Ads, it is always advisible to check thru Facebook Insight

Social Media Profiling

For Brand Awareness, it is very important that your name should be recognised & online traffic must accumulate around your Social Bookmarks. You may take help of Seo Weather to check the PA and DA Score of the Social Media Sites. And If a site has PA (Page Authority) & DA (Domain Authority) of more than 50 then you may create a profile on that Social media Page. There are few well known names like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pintrest.. These Social media Sites have PA and DA score more than 90. You can create your company account on these and do regular page update with Relevant Photos & Blogs. It will create your Brand Image & you will be noticed by People.
Hence, 5 Must Social media Accounts which should also be integrated on your Website are : 
1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. Linkedin 4. Instagram & 5. Pintrest

Now, there are many Social Bookmarking sites, you can’t reach upto all. Atleast you should create profile on those Social media Sites which have good Alexa Ranking around the world and in your Country. To check Alexa Ranking, you need to install a chrome plugin. Its a freeware. Everytime, you open any website, it will show its Alexa Ranking on top right.

I am sharing a list of 20 Social Media Accounts, on which you should create your Profile:

01. Quora 02. Meetup 03. Youtube 04. Slideshare 05. Reddit 06. Google My Business 07. Flickr 08. Pintrest 09. Tumblr 10. Diigo 11. Medium 12. Mouthshut  13. Creative market 14. Slack 15. Figma 16. Dribbble  17. Trello 18. Behance 19. Unsplash 20. VK