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SEOquake Chrome Extension

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SEOquake Chrome Extension

SEO Quake A Web Anaytics SEO Tool

Hello Friends,

Thanks for showing your love for our 4 SEO Tools, we have discussed till now. In continuation to our series of 10 SEO Tools you must have to optimize your Website Today, we will discuss our 5th SEO Tool, SEOquake which is actually a Google Extension ( Available for Chrome & Firefox).  . For the previous 4 SEO Tools, you may goto our Blog Section.

There are tons of extensions available on internet that a digital marketer can add to Chrome/Firefox. If you are looking for a free SEO Overview & your SERP Competitor’s strengths & weaknesses, this tool is unmatchable. Welcome to SEOquake.

What SEOquake does for you?

  1. Reviews all major metrics in quick time
  2. Complete analysis of all Search Engine Response Pages also, gives you the flexibility to export to your system in .csv format
  3. You can instantly monitor the Keyword difficulty
  4. Thorough SEO audit of any webpage, It can also check if that webpage is Mobile compatible or not.
  5. Various Parameters like
    1. Worldwide Alexa Ranking
    2. Bing Score
    3. Age of your Domain
    4. SEMrush Ranking
    5. You can open source file of the Searched websites from the searches itself. No need to visit to a Website and then pressing Ctrl + U.

How to install SEOquake?

If you are using Chrome, click on the official link and it will give you a welcome msg

SEOQuake Welcome Guide

I will suggest you to please go through the Welcome guide (By Clicking Next), it will give you a short brief of how to use it. Trust me it will be very beneficial for you all.

Once you install the Plugin, your searches will appear like this:

How the Screen looks after installing SEOquake

On the top right side, you can see Logo of Seoquake, means the plugin is added to Chrome.

On the top left side, below the Google Icon, you can see SEOquake ON. Below this it shows 3 verticals as parameters, SERP Report & Export to CSV options.

Please Note:

In the Search bar, if you Search anything, it shows 60% – 70% results (from Google Database). For the Full report, you need to create an account on SEMrush & it will give you 10 free requests of full report. After that, it is paid. (Full Report will be seen like this):

Coming Back to SEOquake, if we Click on SEOquake icon, next to Search bar, it will show these options:


From here, you can see following information of a website

  • Alexa Rank
  • Google Index
  • Bing Index
  • Semrush Rank
  • Web Archive Age
  • SEMrush subdomain Backlinks

You can check other formations like Facebook Likes, Pintrest Pins,  No. SEO Backlinks of a page etc. For this, Click on any of the Drop Down Menus, as by default, it shows Alexa rank, Google Index, Bing Index, Semrush Rank, Web Archive Age & SEMrush subdomain Backlinks. By Clicking on this Down-Arrow, it will show other options as well:

SEOQuake all parameters

Comparing URL:  Another Awesome feature, which SEOquake provides is Comparing URLs. If I am a newbie and starting my niche in Formal Shoes for Men. I will check on Google top 3 or top 5 players of the same segment. I will add the URLs here:

As I Click on Process URLs, it will show the details in Excel format, which you can later download. Your Screen display will be like this:

Comaring URLs after doing SEOquake Comparison

With this, you can check your competitors URLs as well. That was all from my side regarding SEOquake. If you have any suggestions or you want to add something, please write in the comments below. This is a very effective SEO Tool, which every entrepreneur or a businessman must have.      

If you have any queries/concerns, please feel free to mail at replytow3developers@gmail.com or call us at 7042717217. In our next Blog, we will discuss another powerful Tool Google Search Console.


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