Today, most of the work is done thru Mobile Phone. People hardly have time to go on Desktop or Laptop. Most of the Websites are mobile responsive or the companies are launching thier Apps. A nomal user is spending 5-6 hours daily on Mobile phone, either by chit-chatting or liking or posting photos daily on the Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, Instagram etc. Hence, Social media Marketing is becoming an important segment in Digital marketing Strategy of any Company.  

Social media Marketing SMM

We normally run Ads either on Google OR on Social media. To learn about how to run Ads on Google, please Click on the Link How to do Search Engine Marketing SEM OR there is Second method Social media Marketing. Here, 86% market is captured by Facebook. Through Facebook, we can Choose Right Audience, we can schedule our Ad to a particular time-frame or we can tune our budget as per our convinience. 

Before starting your Facebook Ad, we suggest that you should have a Facebook Business Page and it must be regularly updated. Everytime, you upload any Image of your Product/ Service, it will give the option to boost it. If you are about to organize an event for your new Product Launch, as soon as you post your Event’s Date & Time from your FB Business Page, It will give you the option to boost your Event. 

How you would like to grow your Business with Facebook

Creating an Ad helps in getting more business. Now, Question is What is the motive behind promoting a post?

  • It can be getting more purchases from Website.
  • Boosting a Post
  • Promoting your Business Page.
  • Promoting your Business Locally.
  • To get More Leads.

Suppose you want to collect the information of Customer, and make a database of interested customers, you can go for ‘ To get more Leads’. By running this campaign, you can collect Cust name, email and Phone number. 

Boosting Post

Normally, while Boosting Post, Facebook confirms your objective whther you want more Post Engagement OR Website Purchases. And then, gives you estimated Reach of people per day. You may choose Audience as per Area Selection  or by the people who liked your page or in your Locality.

On the basis of People Selection, Facebook gives a forecast of Estimated people Reach, Total Cost & Number of Days, the campaign will run. by Clicking on Boost, it will start you Ad. And once your Budget will be Over, you can see the complete analysis in Ads Manager. 

How I can Schedule my Ad for a specific time?

Can we run an Ad for specific interval today and schedule the Ad for tomorrow and some other time interval at Day After… Is it Possible?

Answer is YES. It is Possible. Setting up dayparting ads for Facebook & Insta ads is very easy. Create a new Ad campaign & selecting an objective, targeting, & doing other formalities as we usually do.

At the bottom of the ad set creation, you’ll see the Budget & Schedule section. If you want to put Ad Scheduling, you need to make sure that you have selected Lifetime Budget instead of Daily Budget. Once you’ve set a lifetime budget, you’ll see two Ad Scheduling options. Select Run Ads on a Schedule.

A block schedule pops up, showing the days of the week and hours of the day. You can choose specific hour blocks that are unique for each day or select certain hours for your post to run every day of the week. Do this by clicking on the schedule to choose when your ad will run. By doing this, your Schedule is Set. You can select it for entire Week and can go for Holidays. Facebook will be on Auto-pilot mode.

What I can do for my Facebook Campaign?

If you want to run your Facebook Campaign and facing difficulities, please write to us the challenges you are facing. We will help you out in resolving your queries. Please drop your mail at