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Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Hello Friends,

Thanks for showing your love for our 7 SEO Tools, we have discussed so far. In continuation to our series of 10 SEO Tools you must have to optimize your Website Today, we will discuss our 8th SEO Tool, Bing Webmaster Tool . For the previous 7 SEO Tools, you may goto our Blog Section.

There are hundreds of tools you can find online, But today we will talk about one of the most popular and useful tool of Google. Today we will discuss about Google analytics.

In today’s cut throat competition every Business has online presence. Everyone wants to be on first page of Google. In order to be on first page of Google people use different tools to analyze the traffic on their website. You can make different strategies, once you know that, what people do when they visit your website, how long they stay and what all pages do they visit on your website and Google Analytics allows you to do the same.

Below Are Some Features Of Google Analytics:

  • You can find out which online campaign brings you the most traffic.
  • You can determine the location of your best visitors and target the specific location from where you are getting most visitors.
  • Learn what people are searching for, on your website.
  • It allows you to visualize what people click on the most.
  • You can study the worst performing pages.  

So let’s start how you can use Google Analytics

  1. Go to analytics.google.com.
    Sign in with you Google account. Once you signed in with Google account, you will able to see this.

Here you can see users on your website. For example in above given picture there are total 40 users.


  1. You can analyze that how traffic is coming you to your website.

This above image will show you the stats of how you are getting traffic on your website. Whether it’s from Direct, Organic search, Referral or from social media.

3. In this below image you can find that how much traffic you are getting from Mobile and how much you are getting from desktop.

If you are getting more traffic from mobile than your website should be mobile compatible.

4. You can target specific area or region from where you are getting more traffic. Google Analytics allows you to analyze that in which country you have maximum users.

For example in this above image India is the country from where there is maximum traffic.

5. You can see what pages do your users visit.

6. In customization option we can see 4 different types of reports like,
Custom reports
Saved reports
Custom alerts So these are the main features you can use in order to make strategy to expand you business

That’s all from my side about Google Analytics. In our next Blog, we will discuss about 9th SEO Tool i.e Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. If you have any questions about it and If you think any suggestions regarding Google Analytics, please feel free to update in the comment section below or mail at replytow3developers@gmail.com


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