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Google Analytics Search bar

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Google Analytics Search bar

Google Analytics Search Bar

Hello Friends, In our ongoing series of 7 Ways to make Use of Data to Brand Your Bussiness, Lets start with our 2nd way to make use of Data… ie Google Analytics Search Bar. If you haven’t gone through our 1st Way, you can click on the link Google Ads with AI .

Google Analytics, everyone is familiar about it. If you want to know more about it, You may refer to our Blog on Google Analytics Here, we will discuss about Attribution, whose Beta Version is recently launched by Google itself.

Till now, we were logging into Analytics’s account. Going into Admin account and viewing a particular property. Now,Google Analytics has come with a more effective algorithm in its Search Criteria. Its beta Version can be seen with the name ‘Attribution Beta’. It provides a clear view of what channels and campaigns contributed most to your business’ success is fundamental to iterating, improving, and growing your marketing efforts. Even companies with advanced analytics setups face the challenge of how best to attribute performance across many user interactions.

Analtics and its behaviourLet’s start off with an example scenario. Say you’re a brand that sells Shoes from your website. And Johney is a prospective customer looking to buy a new pair of Shoes. He searches on Google for ‘Shoes recommendations’ and finds your blog explaining how to choose a new pair of Shoes.

He then starts searching for recommendations for pair of formal shoes and views a few products on your website from a search ad. Johney doesn’t decide on what to buy right away, but sees a few display remarketing ads on his phone during his day that remind him he needs to make a decision. He later searches the exact make and model he saw in one of those ads, clicks on your shopping ad and purchases his new Shoes!

The question is, what channel or campaign gets credit for the sale?

Practical Scenario of Analytics

Using Last Non-Direct Click Attribution (i.e. the default setting in Google Analytics and Google Ads reports) would mean the Shopping ad received 100% of the credit for converting Johney into a customer.

So, would you agree that the channels assisting Johney before his purchase shouldn’t get any credit at all? Yeah, we didn’t think so!

That’s the problem with the default Last Non-Direct Click Attribution Model in Google Analytics. Johney would never have purchased that pair of Shoes without your SEO team, your search ads, or even those display ads! Up until now, you might have continued funneling most of your marketing budget to your product feed team because you thought inherently that they were driving the most value.

We say, Stop Guessing, and Google seems to agree with the new roll out of Attribution Beta in Google Analytics.

What is ‘Attribution Beta’ in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics Attribution betaAttribution is a new closed beta in Google Analytics to bring free, cross-channel data-driven attribution to all customers. It’s intended for customers tracking conversions in Google Analytics who want to move past last-click attribution and begin accessing data-driven models, which has not been historically available to non-GA360 customers.

What makes Attribution stand out is that it gives users better visibility into the full customer journey across all touch points. This increased visibility helps users make more informed marketing decisions in an easy-to-use interface. There’s no additional setup or tracking required to start leveraging this feature!

Results with Analytics Attribution Beta SearchResults with Analytics Beta Version will be like this:

Attribution Beta Features

  1. A Single Project-Based UI for analysis across multiple Google Analytics (GA) Properties and Conversion Types.
  2. Data-Driven Attribution now Available to Standard GA Users. 
  3. New Style of Attribution Reports: Conversion Paths, Conversion Lag, Conversion Path Length and Model Comparison
Attribution requires that you connect to at least one Analytics property in order to ingest click and conversion data for modeling and reports.


Friends, that was all from my side regarding Google Analytics Search bar. If you have any more points to add, please write in the comment section below. We will update. Please stay tuned for our upcoming blog on ‘Google Data Studio‘.


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