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Google Ads with AI

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Google Ads with AI

Google Ads with Artificial Intelligence AI

Hello Friends, In our ongoing series of 7 Ways to make Use of Data to Brand Your Bussiness, Lets start with our 1st effective way to make the use of Data… That is… Google Ads with AI. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our everyday lives. When we ask Alexa to play our favorite song, use Google Maps to find our way to a new place, or even use portrait mode to take pictures of our friends – we’re adopting AI without even realizing it.

Indeed, the way we carry out generic tasks has shifted far beyond our imagination since the rise of AI. So much so that we can unlock our phones by glancing at the screen as facial recognition uses biometrics to map out our features and find a known match in the database.

When we aren’t on our phones, millions of us are watching Netflix recommendations that have been generated through AI. Their Cinematch algorithm gathers unique data to determine which titles are shown to the user – and to populate their platform with shows their audience will enjoy.

Data is the key point here.

Growth with AI by 2025Back in the day, Mall shopping was all people knew. If you wanted some new clothes, you’d spend the day walking around your local shops and bring back the bags.

Now, if your shoe breaks in the morning, Amazon can deliver you new ones just hours later. We’re not just talking about any shoes either.

Through the use of AI, Amazon has employed an algorithm that can predict customer behaviors based on data from their purchase or browsing history. This allows them to create a list of recommended products they’re most likely to buy – helping to increase average order value, sell items that aren’t as popular and most importantly, provide utmost convenience to their users.

There’s little competition with brick and mortar stores. They can offer regular promotions, reduce checkout times and provide great customer service, but they can’t grasp aggregate data to the extent of machine learning. AI also gives Amazon leverage to analyze competitor inventories so that they can adjust product prices in real-time, which would take hours of manual comparison for an offline retailer.

Just like Amazon, thousands of businesses are revolutionizing their processes through the power of AI. AI bridges the gap between man and machine, interpreting data that’s much more precise than what we could possibly gather ourselves. Being able to access deep audience insights (e.g., who’s seen your advert, who’s clicked, and who’s converted) also projects your development helping to increase your profits time and time again.

This is why AI is so important for PPC, as PPC managers can use automation to optimize their workload and generate better results. For this reason, more and more businesses are making advancements through AI. Automation is how you win big – so if you don’t adapt your strategy, you’ll get left behind.

How AI Is Changing Google Ads

Google has announced that they would start offering ad suggestions on the Google Ads Recommendations page. This announcement was released via email without much hype. In fact, many advertisers probably didn’t even notice it.

Google Ads using AITo clarify the change, Google Ads is now using AI to create text ads for advertisers, and these auto generated ads will automatically go live in your account after 14 days. Yes, you read that correctly: A computer program is going to draft advertisements for your business. It will be very useful in growing your business.

If you got scared, many among you will be scared, then I have some good news. 🙂 Luckily, it is possible to opt out of this new feature so the computer generated ads do not get automatically added to your account. This is highly recommended so you retain control over your advertising versus letting Google run your campaigns.

Google is certainly trying to help make advertising easier, but it’s always important to understand the inherent conflict of interest. Google’s goal with Google Ads is to generate as many clicks as possible because that’s how Google makes money. More clicks equals more money.

However, for businesses more clicks does not necessarily equal more money because not all clicks are created equal. That’s why conversion tracking is so critical to your success with Google Ads and it’s also why you shouldn’t let Google’s AI draft all of your ads. Sure, test some of their ads, but don’t completely give up control if you want your ad campaigns to be successful.

Friends, that was all from my side regarding Google Ads with AI Artificial Intelligence. If you have any more points to add, please write in the comment section below. We will update. Please stay tuned for our upcoming blog on ‘Google Analytics Search bar‘.


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