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8 Blackhat SEO Techniques must be avoided

8 Blackhat SEO Techniques must be avoided

People generally say that by using Black hat SEO, Ranking improves. Then, why it is not considered a good practice? My answer is you can earn huge money by doing anti-social activities, Will you prefer to go for that…

Out of the 3 SEO Techniques, Black Hat, White Hat and Gray Hat; I prefer White Hat Technique. I strongly condemn Black Hat SEO Technique. The 8 Techniques of Black hat, which should be avoided are as follows:

  1. Keyword Stuffing: Sometimes, you know that there is one keyword which is in trend and you write a post, showcasing that keyword 30-35 times in a 300 words post. And sometimes, you stuff a paragraph with 30-35 keywords. Both are considered as Spamming or Keyword stuffing.
  2. Irrelevant Keywords: Sometimes, you know a particular keyword has huge traffic and low competition. Even if your paragraph is about some other topic but you try to fill these huge traffic & low competitive keywords, SERP will treat it badly as using irrelevant keywords.
  3. Content Automation & Spinning: Have you heard the term ‘Spinbot’? Steal your competitor’s blog and churn it in Spinbot. It will give you a content, which Google Serp will pass in ‘Uniqueness’. But this content will be very hard to understand. Such Contents are automated and spun within seconds but affect the ranking of website very badly.
  4. Clickbait: When displayed content is very attractive and if someone goes to that link, he finds something else there. Suppose you goto Youtube and see ‘XYZ movie HD Print 2 hr 15 min’ & a thumbnail of the movie. You click on it and once the movie starts, its altogether a different movie. But the viewer count increases. This is Clickbait. However, If bounce rate increases that also affects ranking.
  5. Guestpost Spamming: As a Guest, if you goto any blog/video, just checking visibility start typing Guest Post, will be considered as Spammer.
  6. Buying & Selling Links: You rub my back, I will rub yours; Like for Like; is a part of Black Hat SEO.
  7. Irrelevant Rich Snippets: While doing onpage SEO of your blog, if you are making a snippet as per trending keywords, but your blog post is completely different; that will be considered bad practice and Google will not rate such article.
  8. Negative SEO: If your competitor is performing brilliantly by adding a unique post everyday. And with a false ID, you report to that post and add negative comments on it. Google crawler will recognize you through IP address.

These are the main 8 Black Hat SEO Techniques, which people follow. I will not suggest anyone to follow these guidelines. You should perform White Hat SEO. In my upcoming Blog, I will discuss Gray Hat SEO.

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