7 Ways to use Grey hat SEO

In our previous Blogs, we studied White hat SEO & Black Hat SEO. If we want to follow all guidelines by Google, we should follow White Hat SEO and If we try to use any mal-practice to bring our site on top in Google searches, we will come in SERP Radar and will be marked down. Now, Is there any way that we go ahead in a moderate way in rankings And we will not be penalized as well by Google?

Answer is Grey Hat SEO. Grey hat SEO is a combination of both types of strategies. If your white hat SEO strategies are going Superb, you may consider using grey hat SEO Technique to Scale up your Website and increase the online Traffic.

Grey hat SEO uses questionable strategies that aren’t banned by Google. Why? I don’t know, I am not Google 🙂 Surely, they can become black hat SEO in the future. Using these techniques isn’t recommended because they’re a bit risky. But, if you use them the right way you’ll boost your ranking in no time. Here are the 7 Ways to use Grey Hat SEO:

  1. Buy Expired Domains
  2. Post the Blogs >1500 Words
  3. Use Social Bookmarking Sites
  4. Make Several Social Media Accounts
  5. List youself on Review Sites
  6. Link Submission on Web Directories
  7. Use Web 2.0 Submissions

Let’s discuss them one by one.

  1. Buy Expired Domains is the most popular Grey hat SEO Technique. It works superb if done right. Suppose you want to start a new website and looking for a domain in Travel field. Suddenly, you get a 4 year old domain in Travel field. You just need to check that it should be free from toxic links, That’s it. You will be starting with a good DA Score which will help in scaling your website.
  2. Post the Blogs >1500 Words Usually it is advised to post a content which should be 1000 words long as per White Hat SEO Guidelines. But if you are in a cometitive niche like Education, top Institute, Garments Store… you should write your content 1500-2000 words. Adding length to your old posts can help you generate traffic. The rule of thumb is that posts of 2,000 words or more can work miracles on your organic traffic. You should aim for this length when you expand your old content.
  3. Use Social Bookmarking Sites Submitting your website links on social bookmarking sites can help your SEO. As per White Hat, you must do this activity once a month. But, you should be careful about overdoing it. The Gray hat says to share your links once in a week on these sites.
  4. Make Several Social Media Accounts If you think that only by putting good and relevant content on your website will improve your ranking, You might be wrong. You need to share it on Social media platforms. Posting on 3-4 Medias regularly is White hat SEO. Bombarding the Social medias with your content is Black Hat. However, creating several Social media accounts is Grey hat SEO.
  5. List yourself on Review Sites Have you listed your business on review sites? It might come as a shootup in your customer foot fall. It will improve your search engine rankings when customers leave positive reviews. You may think against as well that What if they give negative reviews. But, Business Listing sites such as Yelp, Crowd, and G2 will provide you with a platform to engage with your clients.
  6. Link Submission on Web Directories If you are making relevant & high-quality free backlinks by submitting your website to web directories, it is a part of White hat SEO. Here you’ll list your website on those directories under a category. If you are doing it without any research and submit your website to any web directories, it can lead to Toxic Links as well which can hamper your website. But if you are taking calculated risk, then you can generate high-quality backlinks faster.
  7. Use Web 2.0 Submission It is actually producing dynamic content and it should more relate to quality & relevancy. Examples of Web 2.0 are Wikipedia, Quora, & Medium. If you’re looking to establish yourself as an expert in any niche, you should engage actively with users on these platforms. After sometimes, you will be getting questions from Users directly. It will help improve your SEO by promoting user engagement. This will translate into more organic traffic to your website.

These were 7 Techniques of Grey hat SEO. Now, its upto you guys if you want to go for White hat SEO or Grey hat SEO? Or still thinking to use Black Hat SEO. If you want to take a look on White Hat SEO Technique and how it is performed, please check our White Hat SEO For further details, please visit to our website http://www.w3developers.co.in  or feel free to call at 7042717217.



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  1. Scott Gremble
    June 28, 2019 Reply

    What you prefer? Mrs Grey or Mr White?

    • admin
      June 28, 2019 Reply

      I am glad you asked this. White Hat is better if you go by Google Books. However, it will be time consuming. If you want to improve your ranking faster, with keeping a check on Google SERP, you can perform Grey hat SEO. Still have any doubt, feel free to ask.

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