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10 Must have Google Tools to Optimize your Business

10 Free Google's Tools to optimize your Business

There are n number of tools which you require while doing SEO. And if you have gmail Account, it gives you access to many features like Playstore, Google maps, Google Drive, Google Translate & Photos etc.

But do you know, it also gives you an opportunity to optimize your business with its free tools. In this blog, I have come with 10 Free Tools from Google, which can be very handy in growing your business. These are:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google My Business
  4. Google Optimize
  5. Google page Speed Insight
  6. Google Search Console
  7. Google Tag Manager 
  8. Keyword Planner 
  9. Site Kit by Google 
  10. Youtube
Site Kit by Google & its components

You all must be familiar with many tools, mentioned above. We have created seperated blogs also on most of these. However, Here, we want to discuss mainly ‘Site Kit by Google’. This is a wordpress Plugin. Its very powerful and you can track many Google Tools from it.

Site Kit by GoogleOnce you install this Plugin, it shows Dashboard (Where you can see the complete analysis), Search Console, Adsense, Analytics & Settings. (Shown in the pic)

Also, If you Click on Setting, it asks to Connect Tag Manager, Google Page Speed Insight & Google Optimize.

In our coming blogs, we will discuss these 3 as well. We suggest you to please install & Activate ‘Site Kit by Google’. You need not to create account seperately and paste code in Header etc. Just Follow the instructions in the Plugin. Everything is in flow & Effortless.

That was all from my side regarding Site Kit By Google. Out of these 10, which tools you were not aware, please write in the comments Section Below. And if you wish to add or update the list, please suggest that as well. We will go through it & If we find your information interesting, we will update it in this Blog with your name Source.



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